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We offer Havening Techniques®️ Sessions online via zoom for clients all over the world in English.


Janne is a Danish nurse and a certified Havening Techniques®️ Practitioner 


"My passion is to help other people to a life with less stress and more joy.
Chronic stress and unresolved trauma causes, in my conviction, symptoms, illness and inappropriate patterns in the body.
I have lived with chronic symptoms myself for more than 20 years and learned from "Western medicine" that there was nothing to do with it.
I have since learned so much more. Our body is designed to heal themselves under the right conditions. It's not easy, but it's possible and Havening Technique is one of the methods to start this healing in body and mind.
I have a bachelor in nursing and have worked like this for many years, but think there is too much focus on symptomatic treatment. I miss seeing, the man behind the symptoms, and therefore I have chosen to go a new path to help the people, who are willing to work with body and mind in a new and revolutionary way.
Stress is this century's great challenge for health and well -being and I see Havening Technique as the greatest gift to work with and break free of stress.
Havening Techniques also offers an effective self -help tool to regulate the nervous system when the stress takes over"


What is Havening Technoques®️?

Havening is a "psychosensory therapy"

What is a "psychosensory therapy"?

Perhaps you have heard of other "Psychosensory Therapies, such as "EFT"/ "Tapping Therapies" or "EMDR ", "Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing.

Basically a psychosensory therapy is one that uses touch or physical movement to facilitate psychological and emotional healing.


Havening Techniques can be used for many things, such as trauma, PTSD, fobias, depression, stress, anxiety, panic attack, allergy, burnout, coaching, pain, cronic illness, addiction and weight issues.


If you would like to book a session please send an email to

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Price: 1 session for 1 hour 600 Danish kroner ( ca. 80 euro)